Another post so quickly? Who am I?

Hahaha, well a little more consistent now that Uni is done and I’ve got my lovely exams to look forward to (sarcasm af)

So it’s Ramadan now in Dubai and the beautiful holy month of fasting has begun. Wishing all my readers Ramadan Kareem!

A day before Ramadan, I visited this new place called Bombay Bungalow and to be honest, being Indian and being familiar with Indian food, this one REALLY made me think otherwise. It’s the basic home made dishes but their take on those dishes is what impressed me the most. It’s a fine dining restaurant and I headed there for lunch. They already had a set menu of some of their finest delicacies and I happily obliged to eat everything there.

So let’s go over what caused me to put on 5kgs by the end of the experience.

For drinks, we ordered a champagne of the east which was a chilled iced tea with roasted fennel and orange and a weight of gold which was a chilled coconut water with some indian spices. Both drinks were so summer appropriate and they were the perfect lightweight drinks.

We were served with a table side Raita (Fresh Yoghurt) which allowed us to add all the ingredients we wanted to it. 

Starting with the entres’ (Appetizers)

First, we tried a street snack that’s super popular – Pani Puri

But wait, not just any pani puri, this one had GUACAMOLE filling inside. And I must say it’s like eating mexican tortillas with guac. It’s the perfect blend of mexican food and indian food and I’m quite fascinated by how the tastes went together so well. Might as well start adding guac everywhere now. (No, really.)

The next appetizers were two sets of salads, and I know what you’re thinking. The typical “healthy” “unflavoured” “raw” salads that everyone eats. But nope, Bombay Bungalow had it’s own take on the salads.

The first one is a Bungalow salad.

This one contained watermelon, baby greens, mint vinaigrette and this spice that you find in Indian dishes called “chaat masala” and oh my god it did all the justice to the salad.

The second one was an Ancient Grain Bowl.

This one contained quinoa (enough said – who doesn’t love quinoa), lentils, greens and this orange chutney dressing that I ravished entirely.

The appetizers aren’t over yet, moving on to the next one which was a kebab and tikka platter and served a variety of flavors. It contained an assortment of four different non vegetarian delicacies. Fish, Chicken and shrimps. The platter came with different sauces that were exquisite in their own ways. There was the Hariyali Fish, Chicken Tikka, Shrimp, Chicken Kebab.

Once the appetizers were over, we took a long needed 15 minutes break to breathe and let the stomach adjust itself. We were lucky to be taken around the kitchen area to see where the magic was being made.

Real skills tho ^

After the tiny tour the main course was served hot and we dug in immediately after it came.

So this how it went- Main Course

Starting off with the signature dish, the Buratta Butter Chicken is to DIE FOR. One of the best butter chicken dishes I have ever tried. The flavors and the texture of the dish and the presentation, I die a little on the inside at how beautiful it looks. It’s a fenugreek tomato gravy with delicately cut pieces of chicken. The mozzarella is thick and amazing all together. Paired with some cheese naan, this main course dish was definitely the winner for me.

The next in the main course was the Cashew Crusted Veg Kofta, which I genuinely don’t like Kofta but I don’t what Bombay Bungalow did but I fell in absolute love with this dish. It was so crunchy and the gravy tasted like heaven. It’s a perfect vegetarian option.

The last main course dish was the Mustard Prawns and at this point I was too full to actually even finish this dish. Regardless is was a coconut indulged dish and though I’m not a fan of coconut I pleasantly enjoyed this one.

Once the main course was done with, we headed out to their beautiful spill out area for a 20 minute break. Taking advantage of that, we took some pictures around and just relaxed. The area was shaded so the heat of the afternoon sun was not that prominent. They had quirky and cute furniture around including a jhula (swing) where we could just relax and unwind with the beach view.

Back inside, it was time for desserts.

We got two different desserts, the first one was a coconut rasmalai with caramel crumble. This dish was absolute gold when we tried it. At the first bite you fall in absolute love. The way it’s plated it so appealing and it tastes as good as it looks.

The second was the Alphoso mango kulfi which is a type of ice cream. This dish did not fail to impress as well. The freshness and the way it was plated as well, added to the whole tasting experience.

Both desserts, did justice and were the perfect ending to this meal. Bombay Bungalow has been by far one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve ever been to. It’s a new take on Indian food and it’ll make anyone and everyone happy. After the meal, I was walking back to the car with my heart and soul satisfied af. (Drama is needed)

If you were ever near the walk on jumeirah beach residence, I’d definitely recommend you to visit this lovely place and treat yourself to a meal that’s worth everything. For those fasting during Ramadan, they have a special Iftar menu that picks out the perfect combination of their delicacies. It’s quite affordable too!.

Thankyou to @whitelabelmedia and @bombaybungalow for treating me to a wonderful meal. Food makes me so happy, especially one I get from homeland. Follow their instagram to get in touch and updates!

Till the next post



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