Hola lovelies!

It’s been a while, funny I say that at the beginning of every post. But for real tho, it’s been a while..

Where was I? Well, considering I’m at my last semester of final year of architecture I’ve been on several dates with my assignments, design juries and thesis submissions. It’s been a hellavu’ month ever since my birthday in April.

So moving on, I did have a small impromptu photosession with one of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday. Find friends like mine who give in to my monochrome obsession and gift you exquisite pieces to perfectly enhance your wardrobe. I got this beautiful white top, structured at the sleeves and a risky neckline that was balanced by a beautiful delicate lace underneath.

I paired the top with some black leggings and this beautiful pair of grey suede heels that was also another gift. Guess you could call this the birthday outfit. The look was a classic chic and clean look. It has the perfect simplicity to it,yet it looks good for events, parties and even business meetings. An all rounder I’d say!

Summer has finally settled in and during this photoshoot, do not let my face or pose fool you. I was practically melting and occasionally scowling at the sun in between shots. But regardless this outfit didn’t add onto any heat or make me feel in any way uncomfortable. It’s lightweight and an ideal outfit to wear in this scorching heat as well.

Do check out the pictures below and let me know what you think?

          (Scowling at the sun moment ^ )

Outfit Deets-

Top- Zara

Leggings- Splash

Heels- New look

Necklace- Swarovski

Shades- Aldo Accessories

Till the next post



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