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I’ve taken a good month and a half to properly review the new neutrogena hydration boost range and so far the results are evident. I got the chance to go to the launch of the range at culinary boutique. The event was hosted by neutrogena and the lovely ladies from tishtash. Gifting us with facts and the range itself, here’s an overview of each product and how it’s about to add to your skincare regime.

If you’re the type of person who feels dry in your skin, or once you wash it the moisture drains out and a regular moisturiser doesn’t really retain the content you need, or you just forget to drink the amount of water you promised yourself you would everyday. 

Well all this shows on the skin, and the new hydration range from neutrogena helps enhance the look of the skin.

The range has a total of five products that help retain the moisture from the time you take off your makeup.

Starting off with the makeup remover wipes that help take off that first layer of makeup on your skin. 

1) Makeup remover

This is like a micellar water that helps you remove the makeup from your skin without drying you out.

2) Makeup removing cleanser

This is the perfect product to remove all the excess makeup that you might have missed out on. It leaves your face clean and smooth. It’s not the type of face wash where you feel dryness or a matte effect on your skin. 

3) Water gel

This is definitely my go to product from this range. Even though the face wash does not dry the skin out, its always essential to add a moisturised product to retain the hydration. This water gel is literally like putting water on your face in a thick gel like form. It feels amazing on the skin and you immediately feel fresh. It’s so great for oily and combination skin. 

4) Gel cream

Now in the case of dry skin, the new gel cream from the range helps hydrate dry skin in particular as it needs a little more attention than other skin types when it comes to the moisture level. The gel cream can be applied once the face is washed as a regular moisturiser. 

The hydroboost range will definitely change your life!. It’s available at every department store in the city. 

Boost your life with this hydration range! Tell me your thoughts about this post and if you have tried the product?

#seewhatspossible with Neutrogena. 

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