Hello Lovelies!

This was a much anticipated post. Last week I had the opportunity to drink and dine at the beautiful Espana Dxb restaurant and bar. I’d have to admit, it was one of the best experiences of fine dining artisan delicacies and a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

The whole concept of Espana Dxb is to represent Spain and it’s aspects through a well circulated ambience of space. Being an architecture student I was even more fascinated by how each space led to another with different themes that somehow seemed consistent. The main entry displayed a bull graphiti on a brick wall. It’s a small entry corridor that’s a perfect place to take some pictures before getting lit for the night!

The interiors are initially dark and grungy with some very interesting art pieces and installations on the walls. The bar area is to DIE FOR. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

The main dining and drinking area flowed towards a secluded lounge area. Here, especially when you’re a little more lit than expected, the interiors are created in such a way that the grass is on the ceiling and vice versa. Almost makes you believe you were upside down. Trippy but genius. They even have an outdoor balcony restaurant that’s isolated from the bar if you’re just heading down to enjoy a nice quiet dinner meal.

Wait, I’m not at the best part yet. They even have a LADIES ONLY BAR. It’s a cute little nook inside that’s got its own bar area and the detailing of that space is insanely beautiful.

Espana Dxb is embellished with all sorts of fun and interesting spots to take some pictures and create some unforgettable memories. For instance, the luxurious chair I desperately wanted to take home was backed against a wall with hands coming out of it. Kinda creepy, but so interesting. There was even an entire wall with hanging birdcages.

Enough of the space rambling and onto the good stuff: FOOD

The food was artisan in presentation and taste. It held every flavor you’d expect to taste, and the menu choices were so varied it was hard not to eat everything off it. But, you HAVE to try the spicy popcorn at Espana Dxb. I’m not sure what it is or what was the spice used, but that has got to be the best popcorn I’ve ever had. The dishes are extremely well prepared and quite filling for the quantity given. The prices are quite reasonable even!.

The drinks are the usual you get at a bar. But here’s my suggestion, they make really good Sangrias. With your choice of red wine or white wine, they make some really good combinations that’ll make you keep taking refills. They are also amazing at cocktails, they’ve got a wide variety of cocktail options and here’s a secret: You can mix your own cocktail ingredients they’ll make it and even name it after you!.

What more do you want in a place where you can unwind with some good company over personalized drinks and delicious food. Espana Dxb is THE new hub for you to go to.

Located in Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, who needs to visit the nightlife of Spain anymore when you’ve got Espana Dxb fulfilling all those dreams.

A big thankyou to Arpita Kaur and White Label Media for inviting my bestfriend and I for an evening of just light weight fun after a hectic week. It was so worth it!


Do let me know if you visit and what you think about this post.

I’d love to hear from you!

Till the next post



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