Being an Architecture student, I get the amazing opportunity to visit various cities around the world to experience their spaces. This summer the university took us to Germany. Bremen and Berlin were the two completely contradicting cities visited. 

On the first day in Bremen, since its more on the country side with cool winds and a lot of greenery. I went with a look that was aesthetically comfortable and warm. 

Black being a statement closet code, I wore a body fit tshirt with a pair of jeans that had rips above the knee. Pairing the outfit with some comfortable adidas (Alot of walking was endured) the outfit was complete. However the weather was on the chilly side, I added a long lightweight trench coat to make the look a classy one. 

And then I took pictures in front of brick walls to accentuate the outfit’s overall look. 

If you like this outfit do let me know in the comments! 

The Deets:

Top- Splash

Jeans- Bershka 

Coat- New look 

Shoes- Adidas Originals 

Till the next post



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